1.0 Delrin Curtex Pick


1.0 Delrin Curtex pick. 12-Pak

1.0 Delrin Curtex pick. 12-Pak

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Width: 1.00
Height: 3.00
Depth: 0.50
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Great picks
5 Stars

I agree totally with the previous review on these picks. Being in the UK I found out about them via watching Matt Schofield and knowing that he uses this particular make and thickness. Having got some and started using them full time I understand why. The quality is very good and they do a lot for your tone. I intend to try out the Mangan strings next. Anybody viewing from abroad, e.g. the UK, should find delivery quite speedy. I did. Definitely recommended.

Magnan Curtex Picks The Best!
5 Stars

I am a vet lead guitarist (playing in bands for over 40 years!) and I have been finding the holy grails with Curt's products! First it is his strings and now his picks! I have been molding my tone in relation to Matt Schofield. I found Curt's signature strings was a big step in that direction. I had a feeling that the picks may also be an element. When I got Curt's picks I was amazed. Again, I was convinced that they do add to Matt's tone. You can find a range on tonal possibilities with this pick! I am really enjoying playing with them. They feel great and bring out the best tone I have had! Now if I can just afford a Two-Rock amp! :) Cheers, Mike.