11-52 Med-Light PhosPhor Bronze

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Phosphor Bronze wound strings were introduced in the early Seventies and have become the most popular acoustic string. Phosphor bronze wire is made from approximately 92% copper, 7% zinc and 1% phosphorous. Phosphor Bronze provides nice highs and lows with pleasant subtle overtones. Phosphorous is used to help reduce tarnish and corrosion.
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6 Reviews

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    Great feel, great tone

    Posted by Gary Dean Smith, New Darlins on 8th Mar 2014

    The Phosphorous Bronze strings sound great and feel real nice. When fronting our band, New Darlins, I play with my fingers, no picks, about 95% of the time. The reason is to get the sensitivity, power and control of the strings. It is very important to have the strings respond the way I want them to. These Curt Mangan strings have that great response. They work with me the way a premium string should.

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    A favorite. No contest.

    Posted by NK on 22nd May 2013

    As a producer, I have been using these exclusively for more than a year now, for modern and vintage acoustic guitars alike. I've been very pleased with the tonal response across the board, break-in time, strength, longevity, and even the retail price. My local Oregon dealer has them consistently available, and I'm a happy customer.

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    These are great strings

    Posted by Jeff Seager on 15th Mar 2013

    Strings are only part of the picture, because the guitar and the player contribute many factors of their own, but these are my favorite strings ever, and I've tried a few. I play mostly fingerstyle guitar, and mostly as vocal accompaniment to my singing. For years I've used D'Addario phosphor-bronze light gauge strings, and before that I used Martin Marquis phosphor-bronze light gauge, and somewhere in between I've used some Elixirs. I liked them all, each in its own way. I don't tend to jump all over the place trying new strings all the time, but a friend recommended I try the Curt Mangan medium lights. I love 'em, and I've used them exclusively for about a year now. Just gave my son two sets of the Matt Schoefield signature strings for his electric guitar, and bought one set of ukulele strings for the uke my daughters bought me a few Christmases ago.

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    Best Strings I've Ever Used...

    Posted by John Taglieri - Singer/Songwriter, Full time touring musician on 14th Aug 2012

    I've used a lot of strings in my career, but after using one set of Curt Mangans, I havent used anything else. I tour all over the world, in all different climates, and these strings last long, stay warmer, and sound better then any other string I've ever tried. The tune up fast, stretch out easily and hold their tuning better then anyone else. The Phosphor Bronze strings just have a full but jangly quality that I love on both my newer and vintage acoustics.

    GREAT strings!!!

  • 5
    A warm, full range string !

    Posted by Tim Grimm on 31st May 2012

    I discovered these strings in a small shop in Kentucky. They simultaneously sound "new" and worn-in-- hard to describe, but warmer sounding than what i've been using (elixers). I also very much like the medium-light gauge offered ! Got them on a Lowden now, but will put them on 2-3 of my other guitars as well.

  • 5
    Great Stings

    Posted by Unknown on 25th May 2012

    I have a Fender DG200SCE, and I had D'Addario strings on it that sounded really ringy. I put the Curt Mangan strings on it and man it sounds completely different. Really full.

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