45-105 Nickel Wound Light 4-String Bass Set

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45-65-85-105 53 inches Nickel-Plated Steel wound strings were introduced in the late Sixties and have become the most popular alloy for electric guitars and bass. Nickel-plated steel tends to offer the most balanced tone.

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9 Reviews

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    Smooth and Balanced Bass Strings

    Posted by BN on 31st Aug 2017

    I bought a custom Muckelroy fretless bass that came with these strings. I'd never heard of Curt Mangan strings before, but I was impressed with them, particularly the silky smooth feel. The set on the bass was a bit old, so I ordered some new ones from Curt. Big difference, as the new strings were much brighter, but still had that smoothness and great balance in tone. After using these strings for a couple of months, I doubt I'll ever string this bass with anything else. I've played a long time and tried a lot of strings and these deliver exactly what I want at a fantastic price. The bass is a pleasure to play, and the smoothness of the strings allows me to play for long periods with little wear. My highest recommendation for these, especially for fretless players who want a round wound string.

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    Great strings

    Posted by Mike on 9th Aug 2017

    Just bought a Sire Marcus Miller bass. Was not really happy with the D'Addario strings on it. Not bad strings, just not the sound I was looking for. I had previous experience with the Mangan strings from ordering replacements for my new 7-string bass with great results. This 4-string set did not disappoint. Full of tone, especially the mid-range prominence that nickel strings give (which I love for finger-style funk), smooth finger feel and just enough bottom end - especially for light gauge strings - to keep the presence in the mix. Highly recommended strings!

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    Best bass strings EVER!

    Posted by Susan Dirks on 13th May 2014

    These strings give you the best, most full, resonant tones! Try em, you'll never go back.

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    the ONLY bass strings I need!

    Posted by Susan Dirks on 1st Apr 2014

    Tried 'em all, and these are the best! Recommended by the maker of my custom Birdsong Corto Bass, and the resonance and sustain are remarkable with these strings. They bring out the best in my playing.

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    Best Strings I have ever used !!!!

    Posted by Unknown on 13th Mar 2014

    I have been using these strings for the last 5 years. The tension is like I am using 100's so they are very easy to play. They last a long time and the tone is so round and even throughout all the strings. I have never had a bad string in all the times I have been using them. I would never use any other strings. Before I found these I spent over 6 months trying every string out there, but none played and sounded like these. Now if Curt would just sell a flat wound, I would be one satisfied Bass Player.

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    Great feel and tone

    Posted by Unknown on 12th Mar 2014

    Of the nickel rounds that I have tried, these have by far been the most comfortable touch and the sound they produce is fantastic on my Muckelroy J bass. I'm locked into these strings now.

  • 5
    great low end punch and high end tone

    Posted by Nic Giordano on 24th Feb 2014

    Just played my first weekend of shows with these strings and absolutely love them. Gave my sound the perfect blend of low end punch with the right amount of high end. Even got a few compliments on how great my tone sounded, which doesn't happen much haha

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    Clean and warm tone and easy to play

    Posted by Justin on 13th Aug 2012

    I use these on my birdsong bass, as recommended by the luthier. I love the feel and sound of these strings for my Red Dirt Texas Country band. I tried stainless strings, and I went right back to these.

  • 5
    Best feel ever

    Posted by Daniel on 15th Dec 2011

    I went out early today needing new bass strings for jazz band. my upright is doing fine on the strings but may need new strings shortly....it would be great if i could get curt mangan upright strings..... anyways, i opened the package, felt around and my eyes lit up with delight. my first thought was these strings feel so silky and smooth compared to my worn coated strings that cracked in the wound before. i put on these new strings and began playing.... not plugged into an amp i could just hear and feel the tone through the delicate speedy vibrations these strings were making upon my bass. Pure Joy. has an excellent bright tone for the higher pitched solos and bouncing lows that just sounds sooooooo goood..... Thanks curt

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