String Selector

What strings should I choose?

Over the past  45-years, I have received thousands of inquiries from both famous professional and beginning players worldwide wanting to know which strings are right for them. The good and the bad news is you have an overwhelming amount of string choices today that I didn't have when I started playing. When I started playing there was pretty much just one gauge of strings and it was a 13-17-26W(wound)-36-46-56 made of either pure nickel or Monel for electric guitars and 80/20 bronze for acoustic guitar all wound on a round core.The first question I ask when some contacts me is what model guitar are you playing. This tells my if their guitar is electric or acoustic, what the scale length is because the scale length effects the string tension. The next thing is what style of music the player is or wants to learn how to play. And then I like to find our what strings they are currently using and what feel and tone they are hoping to find.

Not sure which string you need? ASK US!

Just tell us what make and model guitar, bass, mandolin, Etc. that you need strings for. What style of music will you be playing?

What strings have you been using? What type of feel you want?