Why should I try half-size guitar strings?

Hi Curt Mangan with Curt Mangan Strings today let’s talk about half size plain strings. Back in 2004, when we first started the company, we may have been the first company to actually offer a 9.5-44 set. The idea was, that for the 9-42 players that wanted to go a little heavier but the 10-46 was too much just a little too much this was a nice alternative. We also offer a 10.5-48 set for the 10-46 players to kinda step up to be an 11-48 player. Now since then we have added plain strings in half sizes from 8.5 to 16.5 so t give s you the opportunity to kinda fine tune that feel you’re looking for on plain strings. For instance when you’ve got a 17 on the g and bending on the fifth fret and on up, it’s not too tough. But you start doing that half step or full step bend on the second fret like on Honky Tonk Woman or something like that and it’s a bit of a struggle. Where if you put a 16.5 on there it eases a little bit but still feels pretty good up the neck. So that’s the idea behind the half size plain strings. Now we also do it in the acoustics as well. Again, same thing, a 12 player may want something lighter, maybe their hands are getting a little more arthritic or something and they just want something softer but not too much softer we do an 11.5-53 set that kinda bridges the gap between the 11-52 and the 12-54. So this is what’s nice with having half sized plain strings. If you have any questions, just CLICK HERE to ask Curt