12-53 Monel Round Core Guitar String Set

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Round Core


Monel has been around since the early 1900’s and consists of 67% Pure Nickel, 30% Copper, 3% of the magic juice that contains magnesium, zinc and other elements making Monel resistant to salt water (sweat). Monel also has a very unique “earthy” tone and is used on both acoustics and electric instruments. It has built in natural resistance to tarnish and corrosion yet it feels great to the touch and has its own unique tonal color. Monel provides a very rich tone on the neck pickup and this great little growl on the bridge pick up. For acoustic instruments it seems to bring out more the wood sound.

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3 Reviews

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    round core monel acoustic guitar strings, 12-53

    Posted by Morgan Simmons on 4th Jun 2020

    I have tried Martin's Retro monel strings, and thought they overly tight - a bit too much tension for my taste. The Mangan round core monel set I ordered (12-53) have a slinkier feel that I find more comfortable. They're plenty loud and resonant, and they maintain their "sweet spot" in tonality at least as long as the coated strings I've tried. Highly recommended!

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    Monel 12-53

    Posted by Terry on 10th Sep 2019

    I am a long time (20+ years) John Pearse user. Prior to that I have tried MANY+ different brands of strings. I REALLY LIKE John Pearse (JP) strings on my acoustics.

    I buy string sets in bulk to lower the cost. My JP inventory was running low, and I needed to get some more strings. I had been reading about Curt Mangan strings and was really curious. I called them up to get a better gauge on what they were all about, and ended up speaking with Curt for some time about strings. Whodda thunk a conversation about guitar strings would matter to anyone. But IT WAS GREAT!

    Short story long, I like phosphor bronze on my acoustics. In the course of the conversation, based on my sonic preferences, Curt suggested I consider the Monel round core. Due to their VERY GENEROUS return policy, I bought a dozen sets of Monels for my acoustics (12-53) and a dozen sets for my electrics (10-46). Saved 20% buying bulk and another 20% for being a first time buyer. So ... fairly big outlay, but lots of strings.

    I put the 12-53 on a couple of Goodalls (12-fret and dred) and the 10-46 on a couple electrics (335, Les Paul special). On electrics, I have LONG USED (decades -- I'm old-ish) Ernie Ball custom nickel.

    After all these years of playing, new strings will never be an epiphany for me. But strings are VERY personal. I notice the difference in strings -- sound, feel. You like what you like, or aren't really paying attention. Subtleties are important. After DECADES of finding and playing strings I like, I can tell the difference.

    I like strings, electric or acoustic, that are not overly bright. My sweet spot seems to be about 2-3 days after I put on a new set of strings. Once they settle in, I change them after the wound G develops obvious divots from fret wear. By then they are sounding kinda dull.

    I find the Curt Mangan strings IMMEDIATELY hit my sweet spot (i.e. brightness has softened) when I install them. They also seems to emphasize the fundamental tone, rather than overtones. For me, that is a good thing. I did some recordings with them and the guitar cut through the mix very well.

    They are also very well volume balanced across the strings E-to-E. After about 3 weeks, they sound the same as when I installed them.

    In the end, crazy as it may seem to the unintiated, a wire is pretty important. I likely have move on from the John Pearse and Ernie Balls I have used for so many years. A weird byproduct of this is, after all these years, you can teach an old dog new tricks. Check out Curt's video on stringing up a guitar using round wounds. Took me a couple tries, but I like it, and now have better way to wind my strings.

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    Curt Mangan Monel roundcore guitar strings (light gauge)

    Posted by Jill on 20th Jul 2018

    Love these strings! Put a set on my 1969 Martin 00-18 and they sounded fantastic from the get go. Prior to that I had a set of Martin Retro lights on it and I far prefer the CM roundcore Monels - better volume, nice balance tonally, the Martin Retros sound thin in comparison. Will definitely be buying more sets of these strings!

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