10-46 Pure Nickel Guitar String Set

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Curt Mangan 10-46 Electric Guitar String Pure Nickel Set.

Gauges: 10-13-17-26w-36-46
String Length: 43 inches

Pure Nickel wound strings were used exclusively on most guitars built in the Fifties and most of the Sixties. Pure Nickel has a slightly warmer tone than nickel-plated steel and is preferred by many blues artists.

Pure Nickel Wound strings are created by wrapping Pure Nickel alloys around a hex-shaped core wire which is made from tin-plated high-carbon steel (same as plain strings, but hex-shaped).

Ever want to create your own customized and personalized guitar, bass, mandolin or banjo sets? Curt Mangan Strings lets you choose the alloy and custom gauge strings that you want, plus you can design your sets to be the perfect balanced tension sets you’ve been searching for. You can also have your name printed on the labels. Just click here for more information


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23 Reviews

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    Love these strings

    Posted by sean tenant on 17th Nov 2019

    Love these strings

  • 5
    Curt Mangan Pure Nickel strings

    Posted by Robert Moehle on 7th Nov 2019

    I can't believe how long these strings last! I have a set of them on my latest guitar - a home-brew "partscaster" I've been carting around for 20 years, and which I just completed with a Squier Start neck from Ebay. The strings themselves are almost three years old. They may not have quite the high-frequency sheen of a new set, but they haven't lost much of their singing quality! The guitar sounds great, and I can record with it, and it doesn't sound like old strings, just a good clear tone, and what's more, the strings play as easily as they did when I fist put them on. I am sold on Curt Mangan Strings, and they are the only brand I will use for ANY of my guitars, electric OR acoustic!

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    Pure nickel strings

    Posted by Phil Lovelace on 16th May 2019

    Awesome strings! Great sound!

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    Best strings

    Posted by Tom Siebo on 25th Mar 2019

    I've used the 10-46 as well as 11-48 pure nickel on all my electric guitars for a few years now. I've got many of my guitar player friends using them as well. I think very highly of the material quality and the service from Mangan.

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    Pure Nickel are the best!

    Posted by Bill on 14th Nov 2018

    Curt Mangan Pure Nickel strings are the best I've used in nearly 50 years of playing. They sound great and last 3 times as long as other regular strings.

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    Pure Nickel

    Posted by Jarvis on 13th Oct 2018

    Veteran player here. Strings are such a critical key to great tone. I simply haven’t played better strings than the Mangan Pure Nickel. For me, these are as good as it gets. I won’t string up my bursts with anything else. Period.

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    Pure Nickel Strings

    Posted by Paul L. on 14th Jun 2018

    I've reviewed the half size set I use on my 25.5" scale guitars already. The 10-46 set is what I use on my 24.75" scale guitars and all that I wrote about the half size set apply to these as well. They are the only pure nickel strings I buy.

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    Great strings For my Epi LP

    Posted by Sudi Desai on 14th Oct 2017

    Nice Tone. Great look. Stays in tune love them. With every penny. Will buy again

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    Tone and Feel=5 Stars

    Posted by Ditchgator on 13th Sep 2016

    Thought my search was over a long time ago for my preferred strings. However my local shop didn't have them for my 12 string. So, bought some of Curts for it and was extremely pleased. Then decided to give his 6 string electric sets a try.
    Enhanced feel and tones were immediately obvious. These strings brought out harmonics that I didn't know I was missing before. Big smiles.

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