45-105 Stainless FlatWound Bass Guitar String Set

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Historic stainless flatwound Bass Guitar strings in gauges 45-65-85-105. Great for jazz, but also used for many other styles of music.

Benefits of Flatwound Bass Guitar Strings:

-Consistent tone over the life of the strings

-Less Fret wear

-Smooth surface causes less "squeaking" and easier on fingers

-Mellow sound

-Last longer than round wound strings, trade off in price.

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5 Reviews

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    Curt Mangan 45-105 Flat Wound Bass Strings

    Posted by Mike Johnston on 14th Nov 2020

    I play flats on all my bass guitars and these strings are definitely one of the best I've ever played . Superior tone and fantastic intonation!!

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    Curt Mangan 45-105 Flat Wound Bass Strings

    Posted by Mike Johnston on 25th Aug 2020

    These strings are amazing! Clarity, smooth and intonate wonderfully. Have played many brands of bass strings through-out the years and these rate right at the top.

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    Best Flatwounds!

    Posted by Scott Williams on 8th Jun 2019

    After trying other major brand faltwound strings on my Ibanez SR500, tried a set of these and they are by far the best. Great low end punch without being muddy. Smooth, clear tone without growl or squeak. Also like that their are no colored silks on the ends.

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    Smooth playing, beautiful sounding

    Posted by Steve Watts on 26th Jun 2017

    I recently purchased a new bass which sounded so bright I thought I might have to replace the pickups. I switched out the factory strings with these flats (the first Curt Mangan's I've ever tried) and have found not only do they have a great feel but they also have a great sound. The bass sounds beautiful now. I'm so impressed I'll be putting Curt Mangan Strings on the custom bass I'm working on and any other basses I obtain. I'm a convert!

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    My favorite bass strings

    Posted by Unknown on 20th Dec 2011

    I was at a small music shop in Oklahoma looking for a flatwound bass string and they recommended these. I tried them and they were the perfect size (45-105) and had an even tone on every string. I've since then made the extra effort to use these on all of my basses. I have tried their strings on my guitar and mandolin too and was pleased with them too. Now I see that they have ukulele strings and I'll have to try those. My only regret for these flatwound bass strings is that they are more expensive than average. Since, I only change strings on my bass about once a year, then I figure it's worth it.

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