Epileptic Peat's "Raptor Fences" 40-125 5 String Bass

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Gauge: 40 NickelWound - 60 NickelWound - 80 NickelWound - 95 NickelWound - 125 NickelWound

Peat "Epileptic Peat" Rains has been composing on the bass for more than half of his life. He was signed to a record label in Philadelphia in 2003 at age 23 for solo 4 string bass composition. Entirely self taught and always coloring outside the lines, he picked up an 8 string bass in 2004 on a whim and never looked back. He has broken almost as many strings as he has strung until finding Curt Mangan custom gauges in 2009. After an endorsement from Conklin Guitars and a custom Epileptic 8 String Bass, the strings have remained a constant.

"I was pretty pissed spending $70+ on fancy, custom gauge strings with a big brand name only to find them lose strength, tone and clarity after only a few shows. We busk for a living in NYC. We play out more than most full-time touring bands. Our equipment needs to be tough as nails. That's Curt Mangan strings. I'd marry these strings if it were legal in Alabama."

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