Monel Mandolin Light 10-36

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Monel Mandolin Light Loop-End


Monel has been around since the early 1900’s and consists of 67% Pure Nickel, 30% Copper, 3% of the magic juice that contains magnesium, zinc and other elements making Monel resistant to salt water (sweat). Monel also has a very unique “earthy” tone and is used on both acoustics and electric instruments. It has built in natural resistance to tarnish and corrosion yet it feels great to the touch and has its own unique tonal color. Monel provides a very rich tone on the neck pickup and this great little growl on the bridge pick up. For acoustic instruments it seems to bring out more the wood sound.

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1 Review

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    The perfect strings for your older mandolin!

    Posted by Bill Swiggard on 28th Feb 2017

    Lots of players (e.g., Sam Bush, Tony Rice) have re-discovered the warmth and durability of Monel strings, popular in the 1930's as "Mona-Steel" but unavailable for many decades. Now Monel is back and Curt Mangan is one of the only string makers in the world to offer Monel mandolin strings in light gauge, appropriate for older and lightly built mandolins. I started with 2 sets. When I strung up my 1935 Gibson A-50 with these beauties, they unobtrusively brought out the old wood's warmth and complexity of tone. Not twangy or metallic, but ringing, rich and powerful. The second set went on a 1995 Flatiron 1N "pancake" style mandolin that just never sounded quite right wearing light gauge bronze. Monel makes that featherweight mandolin strong, warm, resonant and loud - without over-stressing its lightweight construction. Monel is naturally resistant to corrosion (that's one reason why the alloy was used for WWII dog tags), so the strings last far longer than bronze or nickel strings. To my ear, Monel strings actually sound better after a few weeks if they are kept clean. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Now I gotta go play till my fingers bleed!

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