10-38 Nickel Wound Guitar Strings

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Curt Mangan 10-38 Nickel Wound Electric Guitar Strings
Gauges: 10-13-15-26w-32-38
String Length: 43 inches

The 10-38 guitar string gauging which are 10-13-15-26w-32-38 are also considered to be the “Jimi” gauges. There are many players who believe that Jimi Hendrix used these gauges for his guitar strings. This guitar string set is also available in pure nickel with hex-core and round core.

Nickel wound guitar strings are made by winding nickel-plated steel wire around a tin-plated, high-carbon steel core wire. Nickel wound guitar strings have a very balanced tonal response with sparkling highs, clear mid-range and defined bass. These guitar strings are available in many gauges as single strings and you can also build your own custom gauge nickel guitar string sets with you own perfect balanced tension.

Curt Mangan guitar strings have an overall length of 43 inches with winding to 38.5 inches. All Curt Mangan guitar strings are made with USA made wire.

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8 Reviews

  • 5
    10 to 38 nickel wound string set

    Posted by Tony Llaguno on 3rd Mar 2021

    These are my favorite gage strings period. I've been using them for years. I absolutely love the tone and feel they give me.

  • 5
    10-38 string set

    Posted by JOHN SWAN on 4th Oct 2020

    Jimi Hendrix is arguably the greatest guitar player ever and this gauge strings is definitely one of the factors that helped him achieve his spectacular sound. I am blown away with how much I love this string set thank you so much for making this unusual set available! I will use them until the day I DIE!!!!!!

  • 5
    10-38 electric guitar strings

    Posted by Swani on 25th Sep 2020

    I love this set of strings and will never use anything else they are absolutely incredible of course Roger Mayer and Jimi Hendrix nailed it. They are super fun to play and the Balance is majestical thank you for making these strange

  • 5
    10 to 38 nickel wound string set

    Posted by Tone Llaguno on 16th May 2020

    First of all I'd like to give kudos, props and thanks for making and offering this rare and personal favorite string gauge set. This strings really deliver all the tone, sustain, performance, and qualities I look for and expect from a string, it's as simple as that. I will be buying some more!

  • 5
    My Kinda String

    Posted by Kutt T on 3rd Jun 2015

    10/38 or the best strings for floating tremolo systems.. I get the great lead sound with the 10's as the high strings and great squeals with the 38's as the low strings.. These strings have great balance.. Many guitar players believe that the thicker the string the thicker the sound.. Not necessarily true when using the right amp for the right tone you are looking for! Please don't stop making this set!

  • 5
    A very hard string to find but my favorite

    Posted by Kurt T on 26th Aug 2014

    Love love these strings.. Highly recommended for floating tremolo.. Please don't stop making them. You have a customer for life!

    Kurt T

  • 5
    Awesome Tone

    Posted by Kurt T on 24th Mar 2014

    Very Happy to find these strings. I play every weekend and I got to try these out this last weekend. Man was I impressed. Please don't stop making these. You know have a new happy customer.

    Kurt T

  • 5
    Full Tone with a Solid Bottom

    Posted by John McCann on 2nd May 2012

    I preferred a lighter bottom string than most players. The .38 reduced the tension on the neck and softened the pull a bit.

    It was difficult finding the 10-38 gauge, until Blues Angel Music in Pensacola turned me on to Curt Mangan. I tried a set and was very impressed with the tone and quality. They lasted longer, stayed stronger and sounded more...I don't know how to describe this....more a part of the guitar. It was like the guitar and the strings were working together again. If your searching for the best tone and sustainability, start with these strings.

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