12-54 Med-Light 80/20 Bronze

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80/20 Bronze wound strings are often called old-school, vintage and/or bright bronze and were the most popular (only) alloy used to make acoustic strings until the introduction of phosphor in the early Seventies. 80/20 bronze wire is made from 80 percent copper and 20 percent zinc. 80/20 bronze provides balanced highs and lows with a slight increase in mid-range that seems the make the notes cut-through a little more.
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4 Reviews

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    Best strings on the market!

    Posted by Garrett Snowden on 27th Jun 2016

    I'm blown away every time I play on these strings. The clarity and warmth is unbelievable! Also they play like butter! Fantastic strings.

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    Posted by J. Ross on 1st Jul 2015

    I've been a stringaholic for years trying to find the perfect string to fit my particular finger picking style. I had been satisfied with Elixirs for quite a while...but Curt's medium light Bronze blows the barn doors off of anything I've ever played before. The perfect feel and tone... Finally I'm in string heaven!! Thank you Curt Mangan

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    Perfect-sounding strings!

    Posted by Robert Moehle on 28th Jan 2015

    I use Curt Mangan 80/20 Bronze Strings on my acoustic guitar. Right from the beginning, the strings stay in tune, and they have this wonderful sound that has just the right amount of brightness. I don't like Phosphor bronze on this guitar - too bright. The 80/20 bronze strings have just the right balance of fullness and brightness.

    And they last! I've left Curt Mangan strings on my guitar for months, and although they do lose a bit of the original brightness, they never go completely dead, unlike most other strings on the market. I can still use them for quite some time - although I do change strings fairly often just for that "new-string" feel and tone. Curt Mangan Strings are the best - period!

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    The Acoustic Standard

    Posted by Eric Day on 29th Jun 2012

    I love these things. They're the standard .12s I use and always will if I can. They make a Guild acoustic sound like a Guild - big-time fundamental with plenty of shimmer to add interest, but never so much as to turn it into a Taylor. :-)

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