20 PhosPhor Bronze Single String

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Length 43 inches Phosphor Bronze wound strings were introduced in the early Seventies and have become the most popular acoustic string. Phosphor bronze wire is made from approximately 92% copper, 7% zinc and 1% phosphorous. Phosphor Bronze provides nice highs and lows, as well as pleasant subtle overtones. Phosphorous is used to help reduce tarnish and corrosion.

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1 Review

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    A wound 10th string is best

    Posted by pickin' and a grinnin' on 22nd Apr 2013

    When I purchased my Taylor 854ce 12 string, I went thru a process of trying all the (uncoated)brands that would fit this guitar. I have a weird playing style...I flatpick a 12 string. This is harder on the strings then strumming, as I use a medium pick, when a thin pick is usually used to strum this gauge set. While I have found that the winding on this 20 ga. gives up (breaks) earlier than a plain 20 ga., might, (with my weird playing style), the tone is far superior to a plain string of the same gauge (to me) and more than worth the occasional replacement during the life of a set. I run only Curt Mangan uncoated phosphor bronze 10-48s on my 12 string, after doing the legwork. You won't be sorry, IMO

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