Aurin's Andrew Wayne Custom Baritone Nickel Wound Guitar String Sets - PACK OF 3

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Andrew Wayne of Aurin's Custom 13-68 Baritone Electric Guitar Nickel Wound Set.
Gauges: 13-17-26W-44-56-68
String Length: 43 inches

"What I use here are my Curt Mangan, Fusion Matched, custom nickelwound baritone strings, made specially for my band, Aurin. This set is technically a hybrid between 14/13 string guages. 14's for the low end, and 13's for the highs and mids. The result is an extremely fat and warm low end with an extremely crisp high end. In low tunings, notes sometimes have a habit of getting a bit 'lost in the mix,' but definitely not with these. To me, with this set, you get the best of both worlds. Even though I strap these on my custom Gibson Baritone Les Paul with a 28" scale neck, these could really be used, and sound amazing, on any 6-string electric for all of you low and experimental tuners out there. So, go ahead, give them a try. You won't be disappointed!" - Andrew Wayne (Guitarist of Aurin)

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