4 X Pure Nickel Custom Gauged ROUND CORE Electric Guitar String Sets

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It's a new day for all guitar players. You can now create your very own electric pure nickel ROUND CORE custom gauged string sets that will give you that perfectly balanced tension you have always wanted for the unique way that you play. There's no right or wrong here. You decide what works for you!  We are able to offer you this service and the huge range of string choices because Curt Mangan makes his own strings right here in Cortez, Colorado and all wire is USA made. Have fun! If you have any questions just ask Curt. So just select the custom gauges you want from the drop-down menu, plain or wound 3rd, type in the name you want on the label and upload an image of yourself, your band or a friend. This is a great birthday or Christmas present for that special guitar player in your life! All Curt Mangan Strings are packaged in sealed anti-corrosion pouches.
Please select your gauges, enter the text you desire and optional image. We are still working out some bugs with the design platform so this page on your mobile device may not function properly. Desktop is preferred. We apologize for any inconvenience.
These strings are as "vintage" as you can get. Pure nickel wrap on a round tin-plated, high carbon steel core. Many players believe that round core strings feel easier to play with less tension and have a clearer tone. By design, round core strings must be handled carefully so that the outer winding does not come lose. On guitars that have an eye in the tuning post, it is important to install the string and tune to pitch before cutting the excess string off. On guitars where the tuning post has a hole down the center which require the string to be cut prior to placing the string down the post hole, it is important that to you first make a 90 degree bend before cutting the string. It best to make that 90 degree bend about two inches longer than the post where you will be installing the string. Once you have made the bend leave about one-half inch before cutting the string then place the bent section inside the tuning post and tune to pitch. Be aware that it takes longer for a round core strings to "settle" in and it requires many more tugs, but once installed and settled in, they are amazing.
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7 Reviews

  • 5
    Pure Nickel Custom Gauged ROUND CORE

    Posted by Chris Smith on 13th Jan 2021

    Great strings, great service!

  • 5
    Best strings I’ve played

    Posted by Russell Shead on 30th Jun 2020

    I only play Curt Mangan strings — for me, the quality, tone, playability, and longevity are second to none. I am very selective (picky) about my strings. What I really appreciate is the ability to create a set with my specific gauge preferences, which are not available in off-the-shelf sets. I am completely satisfied with all aspects of Curt Mangan strings and can recommend them without reservation. Thanks Curt!!

  • 5
    Pure Nickel Electric Strings

    Posted by Russell Shead on 8th Jun 2020

    The best strings that I have played! Excellent quality, tone, longevity. Curt Mangan knows his stuff!!

  • 5
    Fusion Matched, Round Core, Pure Nickel strings

    Posted by Jim on 8th Jun 2020

    I've just strung up two of my main guitars with these strings - so far, I'm really liking the feel and the sound. The round core and nickel are getting harder and harder to find these days. A big thumbs up!

  • 5
    Great strings

    Posted by Chris Smith on 12th Mar 2020

    Nice to have the ability to purchase custom gauged string sets.

  • 5
    Nickel plated round cores

    Posted by Anthony Clarke on 8th Feb 2020

    Great strings, I've never been too picky about strings but these are high quality and have opened up the tone of my Stratocaster! I don't have enough kind words for you guys! Thank you again!

  • 5
    Pure Nickel Round Core!!!

    Posted by Scott McKusick on 2nd Dec 2019

    I have been playing guitar for over 20 years and had eventually sort of "stuck" with my usual brand of strings because they were the ones that worked for me -- not that they excited me to play exactly, they just worked. For some odd reason, I decided to try something different and ordered my first-ever custom set of round core pure nickels -- the round core being new to me (I've always played hex cores). After receiving my strings in a very professional-looking sealed package (looks like I just bought it off the rack at the store), I was immediately blown away by three things: 1. The round cores feel great under my fingers, are easy to bend and sound fantastic (a nod to the pure nickel windings), 2. The customer service was amazing -- although I live at the top of the world (a mere iceberg to the east from Barrow, Alaska) my strings arrived within a week (faster than even Amazon Prime), and 3. I got to pick my own gauges (including half sizes)! My conclusion: I will never buy mass-produced strings again when I can get this level of sound, feel, and customer service for about the same price as other "premium" strings. Thanks, Curt, for getting me excited about playing again – you rock!

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