Brady Muckelroy Custom 40-125 5 String Set


  Gauges: 40-60-80-100-125

 Total Length 53 inches. Winding: 36 3/4"

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  Gauges: 40-60-80-100-125

 Total Length 53 inches. Winding: 36 3/4"

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Height: 6.00
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SKU: BM40125

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Love it!
5 Stars

Tried it for the first time and I love it so I bought a couple more. It stayed in tune after I first installed it.

Just the Right Strings
5 Stars

My first experience with Curt Mangan strings was on a recommendation from a local guitar shop for a 6 string bass I had. The balance and tone was unsurpassed in all my years of playing bass. So when I picked up a Ibanez Gary Willis Signature bass, I went right to Curt Mangan strings for help getting the most out of the tone in this bass. After some discussions about gauges and how to get a sweet growl that still had a bite to it, I was directed to this signature set. They are perfect. Great balance, sustain, easy to intonate, and just enough warmth to not be overtly aggressive. Another great experience with the best string maker in the business!

Brady Muckelroy Custom 45-125 5 string set
5 Stars

Over 40 plus years of playing, I've played D'Addario, Ernie Ball, Dean Markley and many other strings. Curt Mangan's nickel-wound strings are my new favorites - the balance, tonally and feeling, are the best I've come across. Thanks, Curt!

Great strings
5 Stars

Superb feel and sound. Great price and value. Great service - Strings arrived in 3 days from US to Australia !